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Wednesdays at 11:00am ending on April 1st, and Thursdays at 7:00pm ending on April 2nd.

We will be going in depth on the role of the Holy Spirit in our life, using the scripture and sermon from the Sunday before our meeting as our starting point.

Please plan to join online as often as you can,
you do not need to sign up.

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Sunday School News

Sunday School advocates met and we wanted to include you on our news. You are hereby invited to participate, even try something new!

*On the 5th Sunday of any month along with Easter for 2019, we have a Bible trivia challenge that MAY include, drawing, charades, singing or just ask and answering questions. Our next Challenge day for ALL ages is 3/31 at 9:50am

* Our children are divided into 3 age levels and we want you to think of who you know, that you can invite to Sunday school at 9:50am (earlier for one of Ralph’s hot cinnamon rolls) and would have fun expanding their Christian Education with Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Maxine, Mrs. Shannon, Mrs. Betsy, Mrs. Theresa, Mr. Ralph or Mr. Bernard.

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