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With AmazonSmile gone, it is more important than ever to know there is a great replacement. makes it super simple to earn Donations while you do your normal shopping at over 2,000 stores. You can shop the website, use the iGive App foriOSandAndroid, and give ‘automagically’ with the Button on your laptop or desktop.

Turn your online shopping into ministry dollars for Grace using iGive. Help Grace every time you shop online. There are 2326 socially responsible stores helping to make donations happen. Since the members of Grace have used this site, we have just received $30.41 of which $25.82 was received in 2022. To date for 2023 we have received $66.69. This is for the effort of 13 people at Grace, let’s see if we can double that number for the next check. If you need help with signing up, please contact the office and we can help you. I hope you’ll give it a try. To learn more or sign up now, use this link:

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