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Chancel Choir


The Chancel Choir is open to members of Grace, Family Members, and members of the wider community, 8th grade to senior adult!


The Chancel Choir is not a performance ensemble, per se. Instead, the Choir presents anthems in worship as an offering to God, as an act of worship. The choir also leads as all of God’s people sing together in worship. At least twice per year, the Cancel Choir offers an extended choral work in worship, sometimes with guest instrumentalists.


The Chancel Choir sings music reflecting the long and rich history of the Methodist movement. We also sing music that represents the treasured diversity of our denomination and our congregation. On any given Sunday, it is possible to hear the choir sing English Cathedral Music from the high Renaissance, to a country Gospel anthem or an African American Spiritual, and pretty much the entire range of choral literature between those genres, all with a high level of skill and preparation.


Placement in the Chancel Choir is guaranteed! The Director of Music will have you do a short and PAINLESS voice screening in order to assign the correct voice part. You do not have to prepare anything!


There is very little time commitment to join the Chancel Choir. We rehearse most Sundays in the Choir Room (Second floor of the education building, next to the elevator) at 9:00 AM. We sing most Sundays for the 10:00 worship service. Please see Dr. Merritt after worship, email him at, or just show up for rehearsal! All are welcome!

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